What Is a K9000®?

The K9000® is a state of the art self serve dog wash designed to make you money.  As a premium self serve dog wash machine, it’s a guaranteed positive return on investment for any business – as it brings in more foot traffic and leads to strong cross-sell opportunities. The K9000 Do It Yourself Dog Wash machines easily replace and upgrade old fashioned wash tubs to attract loyal customers, more referrals and return visits. The K9000 lowers water consumption, wash product cost, controls and reduces the time customers need to enjoy washing their best friend, and eliminates injuries to owners and dogs with the K9000’s easy entry, exit, and perfect height wash platform.

For about $10 for 10 minutes, using, in any order, the simple user selectable Dog Wash Steps, your customers will have quality bonding time with their pup at a K9000 located in any pet-friendly location or business … while having their car washed, getting their oil changed, before shopping in your store, at the dog park or beach, after a camping adventure, at an RV park, or at a residential or apartment community.

About K9000
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Interested In Owning Or Selling the K9000®?

With 78 million dogs and at least one dog in 1 in every 4 households, the K9000® Self Serve Dog Wash responds to the need for inexpensive, easy-to-use, self-service dog wash stations to clean our precious canines.

At $10 for 10 minutes, our dog wash system is profitable with only 10-12 washes per week! Contact us to learn how you can make additional revenue with a K9000® DIY Dog Wash at your business.

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Convenient Locations

More than 1,700 K9000’s have been made in Australia and installed worldwide, with every K9000 sold still in operation today. Now shipping in North America from our US facilities proving its success with loyal customers in these markets. Any place with high visibility and traffic is eligible to host one of our systems.

Car Washes

Pet Friendly Hotels

Residential Neighborhoods

Pet Products Suppliers

Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Apartment Buildings

Vets & Animal Hospitals

Quick-Lube Oil Auto Shops

RV Parks / Campgrounds

Dog Groomers

Dog Friendly Parks & Beaches

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Also, All K9000 soaps are of the highest quality, natural ingredients. And come in larger 5L containers. These provide 30% more dog washes than Gallon containers


How We Meet the Need

If you‘re a business owner and want more loyal customers who return often, refer others, and spend more, consider adding the highly profitable, easy to maintain K9000® to your location, a recreational area, or residential community. Read recent K9000 News about the K9000 coming to the US.

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