Frequently Asked Questions

K9000 Self Service Dog Wash Answers Your Questions

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How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

The K9000 uses natural ingredients in its products, designed for daily use. Between full grooming by a qualified professional groomer is the recommended use of the K9000. Washing your dog on a bi-weekly basis is recommended, or more frequently if your dog is outdoors, in the mud, at the beach, very active in daycare, or in the snow or rain.  But, using the K9000 weekly isn’t a bad idea at all, as it gets you both out of the house together for a fun, healthy activity.

How To Wash Your Dog in a K9000 – What do I need to bring with me?

The K9000 includes everything – the best quality shampoo, conditioner, flea & tick repellent, 2-speed dryers, and a disinfectant for the wash platform. If you want to use a wash mitt or cloth, bring that. But, the wash gun that delivers both clean water for rinsing and the wash products, works so well, that your hands are usually good enough to do a great job on the dirtiest of dogs and all varieties and thickness of coats. For drying, the built-in dryers will get all the surface water off. But, depending on your dog’s coat thickness, and your own tolerance for a damp coat in your car, you can bring a towel.  While 10 minutes is more than enough time to wash any dog, drying can take more time. You can add time (usually $4 for 5 more minutes after the initial wash cycle of 10 minutes or more expires) if you want to continue to use the K9000 dryers. Local K9000 pricing for wash time and extra time may vary at each location.

Watch this short video of how easy it is to wash your dog in a K9000.

Is there anyone there to help wash my dog or provide instructions?

The K9000 is known as and intended to be used without an attendant. It is a self serve, self service, or do it yourself dog wash station. While it might be located inside a retail store (e.g. a pet store, dog wash facility, or laundromat) there may or may not be anyone available to assist. The K9000 has clear instructions printed on it, and takes payment like any vending machine – usually paper currency, credit/debit cards, mobile payment, smartphone apps for download from Apple or Android stores online, or tokens (these may or may not be available from retailers or the K9000 owner.)

What Is A K9000?

The K9000® Dog Wash story is one of a product inspired by a dream, built with passion and evolved through customer feedback. We believe our commitment to quality, the long-term durability and the support framework set the K9000® DIY Dog Wash apart from its competitors.

Is the K9000 Made in the USA?

The K9000® Dog Wash was created by K9000 Dog Wash in Australia in 2005.  Since  then, we’ve sold over 1,700 K9000 Dog Wash machines, with only a few exported into the US and Canada, due to the cost and time of delivery across the Pacific Ocean. In 2018, Tru Blu established it’s first US office with its North American headquarters in Wilmington, NC.
Tru Blu also began manufacturing its K9000 in North Carolina in 2018.  Before the end of 2018, Tru Blu K9000 Dog Wash’s first “Made in America” K9000’s will be available for immediate delivery to customers and locations throughout North America, made with the same quality components, and offering our same award winning formula wash products, and reliability that provides the same 10 year machine construction warranty and 2 years parts warranty. We believe our commitment to quality, the long term durability and the support framework set the K9000® DIY Dog Wash will, as always, continue to keep the K9000 and its future innovative dog wash models, ahead to its competitors.

Where Can I Go Online To See The K9000 In Action?  How Exactly Does It Work?

1.OPEN THE DOOR and SECURE DOG on the blue surface, ATTACH THE CHAIN to the dog’s collar.

2.INSERT PAYMENT method – debit/credit card (swipe or insert chip), cash, mobile app, or token) DO NOT PRESS THE “START” BUTTON ON THE CREDIT CARD TERMINAL – it doesn’t do anything. WAIT FOR PROCESSING TO COMPLETE, WHICH WILL ALLOW THE WASH CYCLE TO BEGIN. If you used a credit/debit card, REMOVE THE CARD after the processing completes. Then …



Watch Video :

I Want to Purchase a K9000. Do I need a business?

No, but you do need a location. This can be either an existing business that you own or is owned by someone you know, or may be a place in a community (park or a residential development) who wants extra revenue and customers, or an amenity to attract more loyalty and visits by people with dogs. Great locations include any place people go with their dogs, e.g. dog parks, convenience stores & gas stations, car wash, pet stores, laundromats, quick lube oil change, strip malls or shopping centers, apartment buildings, campgrounds, RV parks, and more.

Can I get more information about the K9000 Features?

Click Here to View The K9000 Features Video

  • Fully self-contained and low maintenance
  • Accepts cash, credit card, mobile payments, smartphone loyatly app, and tokens
  • Engineered using quality aircraft grade, kitchen-finish stainless steel for 24/7/365 operation indoors or outdoors
  • Optional customized graphics and enclosures to suit hot and cold climates
  • Two speed industrial driers
  • Auditing feature to track usage
  • Technologically advanced product dispensing – using only natural, bio-degradable highest quality cleaning products
  • Low water consumption
  • 2nd generation drainage system to ensure hair-free and water-free floor – lowest maintenance possible
  • A disinfectant function to clean the machine after each use
  • 10 year machine structure warranty and 2 years immediate replacement of any failed electronic components and parts, all available from our local warehouses
  • Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support and Training
  • Designed for high volume and long lifespan

Is the Tru Blu K9000 the only dog wash machine available?

No. There are others. And we encourage you to shop around and do your homework, come to visit our showroom and factory in Wilmington, NC or in Warrnambool, Australia. Tru Blu invented the self service dog wash vending machined category in 2005, with its K9000. Since then, every area from the shampoo and conditioning formulas used, to the advance hair filtration that can wash 30 – 40 dogs before requiring any attention for cleaning, to the dryers and wash gun, and entry/exit platform for your dog, has benefited from tens of millions of washes, providing us with more input and experience for the benefit of K9000 customers, and their dogs. Others have tried to copy the features or look of the K9000. But, nothing has come close to the reliability, low maintenance, high & rapid ROI, and performance of the more than 1,700 K9000’s that have been purchased. Every K9000 sold is still in service today and more than 2.7 million dogs were washed in K9000’s last year alone. Again, no other product with similar features and value comes close.  We’re so confident, we’re happy to share who and what ‘the others’ are …  Here is the analysis of dog wash machines manufacturers…


Can The K9000 Be Installed Outdoors?

Yes. The K9000 is built with the security and quality to be used 24/7/365 outdoors or indoors. The K9000 can be configured to accept payments with cash or can be cashless. Outdoors, the K9000 attracts customers and makes money for its owner outside of normal business hours.  Even indoors, entry and design to allow 24/7 access is encouraged because the K9000 does not require anyone to be on site or available for its use. Outdoors, we do recommend shade or an awning, and a fence to provide privacy to the dog being washed, and a bit of security from those waiting to be washed. Often an enclosure with heat and/or air conditioning makes sense and Tru Blu can recommend or supply these for locations where this might be desired.

See a small selection of the hundreds of K9000 outdoor installations here

How Much Room Does The K9000 Need?

8 ft x 7 ft flat pad with access to electric, water, and sewer drain.  Contact us for a brochure with complete plumbing, electric, and design considerations and facts.  REQUEST A BROCHURE

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I Don’t Have A Location But, Think This Is A Great Investment. How Do I Start? 

Many investors take advantage of the ease of maintenance and treat the K9000 like vending machines, partnering with local businesses, parks, beach, and split the revenue with the site owner or community. You can also purchase exclusive rights to sell the K9000 to a specific territory, zip code(s), county, city, even a whole state. Complete the contact form for business opportunities to see if this is right for you.

How Much Does The K9000 Cost?

There are 2 versions today and new development of more innovative K9000 models will be coming out of our US manufacturing in 2019. Get on our list to keep updated by completing a CONTACT form. Pricing depends on the options needed and whether the K9000 will be used indoors at a retail location where payments might be taken at a cash register, or outdoors 24/7 or outside business hours, no attendant personnel required, payment by credit cards, mobile app, or cash. Both machines are constructed of the same quality, 10 year warranty, stainless steel shell. The K9000 v2.0 for outdoor use has added security and lighting of the wash platform for extra security and visibility.

Options for either machine may include these available components or special order features:

  • instant hot water heater
  • credit card reader
  • cash acceptance
  • water pump if a standard 2″ sewer drain is far away from the K9000 for the wash water discharge
  • custom graphics for branding your K9000 with your business’ colors, name, or logo
  • special-order custom size machines may be made to accommodate special installation requirements
  • custom dog wash tokens with your company branding and logo

LITE and K9000 v2.0 are available today for immediate delivery to North America’s customers from our North Carolina warehouse. Worldwide deliveries are also available from our Australia factory near Melbourne.

The LITE is for indoor use and does not include payment acceptance as a standard item. Although, those are available as options. The LITE is ideal for use during retail hours, inside or outside, when there is supervision or customers can pay at the register and use tokens to activate the dog wash. When used outdoors, the LITE should not have any cash payment acceptance, as the LITE does not have the extra locks and security of the regular K9000 v2.0.

The K9000 v2.0 is built secure, like an ATM machine, and can run indoors or outdoors 24/7/365.

There is about a $3,000 difference in the pricing. Price of the K9000 starts from $21,000, depending on the options you might need – see above.

Complete the contact form for more detailed information and a quote for your business, location, or investment requirements and opportunity.

How Much Money Can I Make With a K9000?

More important than “How much does it cost” is this question … and “When can I expect to recover my investment costs in the K9000?”

The K9000 will break even at only 2 dogs washed per day.  Over our nearly 1,700 K9000’s, with the first one installed 13 years ago still washing dogs and making money for its owner, we pride ourselves in the reliability that has never seen a K9000 fail or be returned due to operational issues. And the average is more than 5 dogs washed per day, realizing more than $1,000 gross profit per K9000 per month.

The K9000 is a piece of capital equipment that is a depreciating asset for tax reporting purposes, that adds to its value and shortens the ROI timetable to less than 18 months in most cases.

And best of all, the cost of a dog wash, including shampoo, conditioner, flea/tick repellent, disinfectant, water in, sewer discharge, and electric expenses, all combined are less than $1.50/10 minute dog wash. That leave the K9000 site or owner an 85% gross profit per wash. Need more passive income. Purchase and place more K9000’s across your business or community at any pet-friendly locations.

For every 8,000 people, you can expect more than 2,000 dogs. That will support a K9000 realizing more than $1,000/month profit. How many people are in your community? How may K9000’s would you like to manage? Think ‘soda or candy vending machines’ – checking the levels of soaps and cleaning our advanced filters that wash 30 – 40 dogs before requiring cleaning of hair and soap residue, requires about ONE HOUR PER WEEK maintenance.

Complete the contact form for more detailed information and a quote for your business, location, or investment requirements and opportunity.