How Much Does The K9000 Cost?

Tim Darmanin

There are 2 versions today and new development of more innovative K9000 models will be coming out of our US manufacturing in 2019. Get on our list to keep updated by completing a CONTACT form. Pricing depends on the options needed and whether the K9000 will be used indoors at a retail location where payments might be taken at a cash register, or outdoors 24/7 or outside business hours, no attendant personnel required, payment by credit cards, mobile app, or cash. Both machines are constructed of the same quality, 10 year warranty, stainless steel shell. The K9000 v2.0 for outdoor use has added security and lighting of the wash platform for extra security and visibility.

Options for either machine may include these available components or special order features:

  • instant hot water heater
  • credit card reader
  • cash acceptance
  • water pump if a standard 2″ sewer drain is far away from the K9000 for the wash water discharge
  • custom graphics for branding your K9000 with your business’ colors, name, or logo
  • special-order custom size machines may be made to accommodate special installation requirements
  • custom dog wash tokens with your company branding and logo

LITE and K9000 v2.0 are available today for immediate delivery to North America’s customers from our North Carolina warehouse. Worldwide deliveries are also available from our Australia factory near Melbourne.

The LITE is for indoor use and does not include payment acceptance as a standard item. Although, those are available as options. The LITE is ideal for use during retail hours, inside or outside, when there is supervision or customers can pay at the register and use tokens to activate the dog wash. When used outdoors, the LITE should not have any cash payment acceptance, as the LITE does not have the extra locks and security of the regular K9000 v2.0.

The K9000 v2.0 is built secure, like an ATM machine, and can run indoors or outdoors 24/7/365.

There is about a $3,000 difference in the pricing. Price of the K9000 can run from $21,000 – $24,000, depending on the options you might need.

To receive a detailed quote for the K9000 and components for your business or location, complete the CONTACT FORM and we will respond promptly.