K9000 DIY Dog Wash Instructions

1. OPEN THE DOOR and SECURE DOG on the blue surface, ATTACH THE CHAIN to the dog’s collar.

2. INSERT PAYMENT method (card, cash, mobile app, or token) DO NOT PRESS THE “START” BUTTON ON THE CREDIT CARD TERMINAL – it doesn’t do anything.

3. After payment is accepted, wait for digital display above the round Product Selection Wheel to say, “MAKE A SELECTION”

4. START WITH (1) PRESSING THE BUTTON FOR SHAMPOO. Feel free to go in any order, but it is suggested to go CLOCKWISE in the order that the buttons are numbered. (The wash/dry cycle step you are on will appear on the K9000’s digital display)

5.PRESS & RELEASE THE GOLD BUTTON on top of wash gun to start washing (you don’t need to hold the button down.) PRESS THE BUTTON AGAIN TO STOP.

6. Look in colored boxes on the bottom right of K9000 for “APPROX TIME” to see how long each step should take

**K9000 PRO TIP**
USING THE 2 SPEED DRYER: When blow drying your dog, start on low blow-dry on their paws. After they’ve adjusted, switch, move up the body and you can switch to blow-dry high if needed.

Dryers will get the majority of water off. But, if your dog has a thick coat, please bring or buy a towel (they’re available as a courtesy for only $5.00 each.) Towels may provide a more complete dry – or simply allow shaking 😊

7. When finished, quickly take your dog out and close the door to the tub. Immediately SELECT “DISINFECT TUB”. Even if you used all the time, YOU HAVE 45 SECONDS TO TAKE YOUR DOG OUT & DISINFECT FOR FREE. Please take 15 – 30 seconds to quickly spray around the tub and blue surface, door glass, removing hair and making it clean for the next dog. This process also kills any fleas or ticks.

8. Go enjoy your day with your K9000 Klean Kompanion! 😊