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As the premium self serve dog wash machine in Australia, the K9000® attracts more dog owners than other machines. It’s a guaranteed positive return on investment for any business – as it brings in more foot traffic and leads to strong cross-sell opportunities.

The initial outlay for the K9000® machine is typically recouped in 12-24 months, although some successful operators achieve pay-back in as little as 8 months. This is based upon average usage rates of 40 washes at $10 per wash, per week. In fact, if you are leasing the K9000®, break-even occurs at less than 12 dog washes per week. The K9000® can be profitable at only 2 washes per day. More than 2.7 Million dog washes were done of all 1,700+ K9000®’s in service in 2018. You do the math. This can be a highly profitable business for the store or for a distributor or for a territory licensee. To take a start within store, community or territory Contact us today.

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