What Is a K9000® Dog Wash?

Tru Blu K9000 Dog Wash is the manufacturer of the world famous K9000® DIY Dog Wash, since 2005. The K9000® is created with superior materials, clever construction techniques and the best componentry available, combining to create an incredibly hard working, reliable, lowest maintenance self-service Dog Wash, designed to make pet-friendly businesses and passive income investors money. Put simply the K9000® Dog Wash advantages are its durability and profitability over time. If it’s not from Tru Blu, it’s not a K9000®!

The secret to the K-9000®’s success is its ease of installation in a huge range of sites, its long term fail-safe operation thanks to exceptional engineering and proven reliable components, and its user-friendly design. The first K9000 installed 13 years ago is still in service today, at the car wash in Australia, where has been washing dogs since 2005. We are proud that every K9000 sold is in service today. Not one sold by Tru Blu has failed or gone out of service. NO OTHER DOG WASH MANUFACTURER OR DISTRIBUTOR CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM FOR 1,600 DOG WASH MACHINES. Last year alone, more than 2.7 Million dogs were washed by their owners in K9000’s, world wide. And now, we are delivering with immediate availability from our offices in the US and from Australia. And from Tru Blu K9000 Authorized distributors and sales reps worldwide.

Dog Wash Features

  • Fully self-contained and low maintenance
  • Accepts cash, credit card, mobile payments, smartphone loyatly app, and tokens
  • Engineered using quality aircraft grade, kitchen-finish stainless steel for 24/7/365 operation indoors or outdoors
  • Optional customized graphics and enclosures to suit hot and cold climates
  • Two speed industrial driers
  • Auditing feature to track usage
  • Technologically advanced product dispensing - using only natural, bio-degradable highest quality cleaning products
  • Low water consumption
  • 2nd generation drainage system to ensure hair-free and water-free floor - lowest maintenance possible
  • A disinfectant function to clean the machine after each use
  • 10 year machine structure warranty and 2 years immediate replacement of any failed electronic components and parts, all available from our local warehouses
  • Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support and Training
  • Designed for high volume and long lifespan


If you can’t find one in your town, perhaps you know a business that should have one, or you want to buy, lease, or sell the K9000® yourself. Just Contact K9000 Dog Wash and we’ll be happy to help you or someone who loves your dog as much as you.
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