The K9000 Lite

Is our latest K9000 Dog Wash Model. It has been built in response to a growing need for our customers to have a lightweight, affordable indoor dog wash option. Many of the features of the K9000 Lite are identical to the hugely successful K9000 Dog Wash machine. It looks the same, it has the same functionality, the same non-slip floor, the same pumps, and the same componentry.

“As far as the customer is concerned, they are going to have the same positive experience. The machine is easy to access and use. Their dogs are going to be happy and safe. As far as they’re concerned, they are getting the same result,” said Tim.


The K9000 Lite Dog Wash

is a machine; lite on construction and lite on cost.

*Ideal for indoor locations.
*Based on the proven K9000 Dog Wash Design and Functionality
*More Cost Effective, Lighter Construction
*Ideal for Indoor Application
*The Same Great Customer Experience as the World Class K9000 Dog Wash

More Information

The difference between the K9000 Dog wash and the K9000 Lite Dog Wash comes down to construction. The K9000 is produced for outdoor use so it is fitted with a high-security system and made with heavy robust stainless steel, so it is very hard to break it onto. ( Click here to hear what happened when someone tried to break into a K9000 machine with a hammer.)

The K9000 Lite is more affordable than the K9000, because of its lighter construction; it has been produced using lighter weight materials, suitable for indoor use. The lighter weight construction does not make the K9000 Lite any less reliable or sturdy- it will not let you down-  but it is less secure. It has been made for environments where security is not an issue, such as indoors in a pet store or veterinary clinic. In saying this, a security upgrade kit can be added to the K9000 Lite.

One of the biggest benefits of the K9000 Lite is that it is a higher return on investment. The k9000 Lite will earn just as much as the K9000 Dog Wash. As far as customers are concerned, it is the same machine.